Joey Doherty

Nature poetry for the sensitive ones


I hope to help people become a little closer to themselves and a little closer to the earth. To do my part in restoring our dying planet by reminding others of its beauty. To help people feel big when they need to feel big and small when they need to feel small. To show the world that sensitivity is something to be celebrated. 


The Pace of Life 

If I’m on a trail long enough

I slow down to the pace of life

the true pace

I join the beat of the earth 

I join the shifts in the wind

I join the flaps of the butterfly

and eventually

the forest sees a friend in me

and begins drumming me along

with each step

in harmony when I’m listening


and random when I’m not

and I have found

that listening to life

does not mean an unwillingness

to listen to yourself

but that you’ve remembered

even for a moment

that you

and life

and that forest drumming you along

are one.


I’ll never perfectly capture the earth’s beauty in a poem, but I want to spend a lifetime trying.

– four trees for every book sold –

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